About Haven McClure

Perhaps you want to live your life in the present, but old trauma keeps haunting you and perhaps even hijacking you to the past.

Or perhaps all you’ve ever wanted is to be yourself, yet you feel pushed to live someone else’s dream and hide the real you.

Maybe you are undergoing a major life transition such a new job, a change in marital status, move to another city, or a loss of a loved one. Maybe this change is overwhelming. Sometimes even good changes are hard to adjust to.

Or it may be the changes in our world that keep you from feeling at peace.  The prospect of an uncertain future due to the pandemic, economic insecurity, hate, climate change, or other societal problems feels unsettling.

Whatever the reason, I provide an accepting safe space to help you work through what you’re dealing with. I will actively work with you to explore feelings about your challenges, and partner with you to develop ways to address them.


Trauma–either ongoing, recent, or in the distant past–often feeds these feelings of being overwhelmed or helpless. Such trauma might haunt daily life, making it feel difficult to live in the present. Or it could affect people in more subtle ways.

I am a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) and have a range of tools to address that trauma. One way I treat that trauma is through Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). This treatment helps people connect the part of the brain focused on survival with the rational part of the brain capable of solving problems.

Difficult Life Transitions–in your Personal Life and the Wider World

Perhaps the change in your life might have been an upsetting one–such as illness, the loss of a loved one, the end of a relationship, or the loss of a job.  I listen to and help you process your feelings. If need be, I can help guide you through grief or fear of the future.

Or perhaps you feel confused because you actually were looking forward to change–a new job, new relationship, new marriage, living in a new area, or other things you might have planned for and were excited about. But you’re not as happy as you expected to be. You might even feel like you’ve regressed somewhat. You might understand why the change hasn’t gone as well as planned, or maybe you can’t put your finger on what’s bothering you.

I’ve been through a number of my own life transitions, and there is growing knowledge about the dynamics that accompany these changes. Life transitions was one of my main specialties even before Psychology Today added it as a check-off box in their list of therapist specialties. I can help bring you clarity about what’s happening in life. I can work with you on ways to turn that transition into something meaningful and worthwhile.

Being Yourself Unapologetically

I never wanted to be one of those therapists that fixated on people being “normal.” Mental health is not about whether you are “normal” or not–it’s about living a fulfilling life.

Perhaps you’re surrounded by people who only give you peace if you stay within a certain “box” they assign you.  That “assignment” might be a certain sexual orientation, gender identity, religious beliefs, a certain lifestyle, a career choice, or other personal choices. Maybe the pressure they put on you is so intense that you’re not quite sure who you are.

No one would be hurt by you being the person you want to be, so why is it their business?  Yet they might hold enough power in your life to make it difficult if you don’t stay in that box.

I provide space to let you express you dreams and give you the validation you need. I can help you sort out what changes you need, what the barriers are, and realistic next steps to take.

Other Specialties

In addition to trauma, life transitions and helping people be themselves without apology, my specialties include:

  • Work and career issues
  • Self-esteem
  • Anxiety
  • Relationships
  • Depression
  • Group dynamics
  • Severe and persistent mental illness

Life throws us many challenges. It’s unreasonable to expect ourselves to handle every single obstacle with skill, ease and grace. I provide an empathetic ear and help people figure out their own way through the wilderness.

I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all types of therapy. When receiving services from other therapists, I have often seen them put me in categories that really work better for them than me. As a therapist, I firmly believe in learning from you and working with you to develop a plan for addressing what you deal with.

My name is Haven McClure, MSW, CAPSW. I believe everyone, regardless of their situation, has been doing the best they can. Let’s discuss what’s working well for you, what can work better, and how you and I can best work together to work through your challenges.

The next step

To take the next step towards change, click the “Contact” button, and briefly tell me about the challenges and barriers you face as well as any other help you might need. From there I will schedule a free fifteen minute phone consultation in which we can talk about your challenges and dreams and how I can help you achieve the change you need.

My credentials

I have a Master’s in Social Work earned from the University of Wisconsin in 2015, where my area of concentration was mental health. I am also certified as an Advanced Practice Social Worker in the State of Wisconsin. This permits me to offer psychotherapy services under supervision from a Licensed Clinical Social Worker–in this case James F. McGloin, Jr., PhD, LCSW who has been in practice since 1971.